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Are you excited to ride early and often?


Purchase a limited edition Founding Membership to show your early support! The Founding Membership option is only available for a limited time and includes a special 60 minute ride time (all other options are 45 minutes).

Founding Member



Annual Membership

First 60 minutes of each ride are included.*

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* Notes:

You can ride as many times per day as you wish.

The first 60 minutes of each ride are included in your membership.

Switching to a new Bike Riverside bike will reset the 60 minute ride time.

Overtime Charges are only incurred if you go over 60 minutes during a single ride.

Want to ride longer?

You can choose to ride for longer periods if desired, but you will be charged for overtime fees of $2 per every extra 30 minutes during that trip.

Prices for riding longer

After 10 consecutive hours, if the Bike Riverside bike has not been returned, it will be considered stolen and a fee of $2,000 will be charged to your credit card, unless reported to Bike Riverside differently. If you have a problem, please call customer service at (844) 538-2453.

Delivery and Timing Policy: Products will be mailed and require a minimum of 10 business days to process. Bike Riverside is not responsible for loss or damage of mail and customer is required to notify Bike Riverside in writing if product is not received within 12 business days of initial purchase.


Return/Refund Policy: All sales are final. In the event of a discrepancy, customer is required to notify Bike Riverside in writing, if a refund is deemed appropriate 14 business days is required for processing.